Your Vote Matters


Even if you don’t actively follow politics, you can still show your support for improved health in
Elgin-St. Thomas by asking questions and raising issues.

For everyone: Can I vote? How do I vote?

Provincial Election – June 7 –  Check if you are registered, and learn how to vote at: Elections Ontario  

Municipal Election – October 22 –  Check to see if you are on the Preliminary List of Electors at Voter Lookup

For community partners: Toolkit to engage voters

The municipal and provincial governments make many important decisions that affect our health. These include, for example: supporting services for children, youth, and families; creating policies that promote access to nutritious foods and opportunities to be physically active; setting regulations that keep our water and food safe; and regulating access to substances that can cause injury, disease, and death.

The 2018 municipal and provincial election campaigns are a good opportunity to ask local candidates about these issues. Between now and the provincial election on June 7 and the municipal election on October 22, take some time to learn about candidate positions on these issues so you can make an informed voting decision.

What can you do?

  •  You can raise questions at all-candidates meetings or discuss your concerns when candidates knock on your door.
  •  You can also write a letter to party leaders and candidates to ask them how they will show their commitment to improving health in Elgin-St. Thomas.

    We depend on our elected officials to make decisions that improve the health of our community and its residents.  Elgin St. Thomas Public Health is highlighting the following issues for government action:

Last Updated: April 3, 2018
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