The Cost of Eating Well

Food Basket

Nutritious Food Basket Survey

Each year, Elgin St. Thomas Public Health uses a survey called the Nutritious Food Basket (NFB) to measure the cost of a healthy diet for families and individuals. The survey looks at foods from Canada’s Food Guide, including: fruits and vegetables, whole grains, milk & alternatives, and meat & alternatives.


People struggle to afford a healthy diet.  Check out some resources below to help you make ends meet.

A Few Ways to Stretch Your Food Budget:   

Grocery shopping with little money can be stressful.  Many people may purchase less healthy options to cope. There are many ways to easily stretch your budget to buy healthy foods.

Meal Planning/General Tips: 

Grocery Shopping Tips: 

Get Involved in Your Community:

Get Informed On Issues That Matter to You:


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Last Updated: May 24, 2017