Elgin Body Safe Reports

What is an Elgin Body Safe Report?

Elgin Body Safe Reports provide inspection reports of personal service setting facilities in St. Thomas and Elgin County.

manicureElgin Body Safe Reports will show:

  • Name of the Personal Service Setting facility with address and phone number.  The owner and operator information will NOT be included.
  • Date of inspection – Elgin Body Safe Reports will be displayed from March 1, 2017 onwards.
  • Type of Personal Service Setting
  • Type of inspection (required compliance inspection, follow-up re-inspection, complaint inspection).
  • Violations (Types)
    • NO - Violations observed during inspection – corrective action needed
    • CDI Corrected during inspection - Violations observed that were corrected immediately in the Compliance column – no further corrective action needed
    • SATISFACTORY No violations observed, no action required
  • Action Taken will also summarize Enforcement Action taken (e.g. Order to Close, Ticket Issued, Summons Issued, Equipment Seized).
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