Infant & Child Care Immunizations

Immunization is one of the most important things you can do to protect the health of your child. Immunizations prevent serious illness by helping the body make its own protection. They are really important for children who spend time in group settings like child cares.

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Every immunized person helps make a healthier community. We know they are safe and they provide the best protection when given on schedule. Check out some immunization basics.

How Do Vaccines Work?

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Immunization Schedule


Getting My Child Immunized

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Child Care Immunizations

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Vaccine Safety

Immunization Records

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Where Can I Get More Information?

How do I know if a website has good information?

Immunization Information on the Internet

Here are some good websites to get started:

Immunize Canada

Health Canada – Immunization and Vaccines

Immunization Action Coalition

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care - Vaccines

Canadian Paediatric Society – Caring for Kids

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