April is Oral Health Month!

Colouring Page

Join us in celebrating this special month by having your children participate in our annual colouring contest!

Have your child submit a copy of our colouring contest page with their best art work! A lucky winner will be chosen each week for the month of April to receive a kid’s Sonic Care electric toothbrush prize package.

Oral Health Tip: We are always worried about eating and drinking too much sugar. Keep in mind it’s not how much sugar we eat and drink that causes cavities, but how often we consume them. One sugary drink sipped on all day causes more cavities than having that drink in one sitting. Each sip adds more sugar to your teeth increasing your chances of developing cavities! Sip smart!

Good luck to all participants in our Elgin St. Thomas Public Health Colouring Contest!

Last Updated: April 3, 2017
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