Beach Postings: ESTPH Weekly Report

Elgin County BeachesThe water at the following eight #ElginBeaches in Elgin County is sampled and tested weekly during the months of July and August for the presence of high levels of bacterial contamination:

  • Port Glasgow
  • Port Stanley Erie Rest
  • Port Stanley Main Beach
  • Port Stanley Little Beach
  • Springwater Conservation Area
  • Port Bruce
  • Port Burwell Main Beach
  • Port Burwell Provincial Park
#ElginBeaches As of Tuesday, August 22, 2017 the following beaches have been posted:
Port Burwell Main Beach
Springwater Conservation Area
The following beaches have not been posted for high levels of bacterial contamination:
Port Stanley Main Beach
Port Stanley Erie Rest
Port Stanley Little Beach
Port Bruce
Port Burwell Provincial Park Beach
There are no results for:
Port Glasgow

Please note:
Rough water or heavy rains can result in high levels of bacteria at any time during the week. At high levels, these bacteria can cause intestinal illness or infections of the eyes, ears, nose or throat. The public is advised to consider recent weather conditions when deciding on whether or not to go swimming.

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