Water Does Wonders!

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Water Does Wonders!

Sugar-sweetened beverages are a worry for children’s health.  They can replace healthy drink choices and add extra calories and sugar to children’s diets. Doodle image of boyWater is an excellent choice of fluid and essential for good health.  It is also a simple, convenient, and a low-cost way for children to quench their thirst. The Healthy Kids Community Challenge (HKCC) of St. Thomas Elgin encourages you to help your kids choose water for better health.

How can you help your kids make healthy beverage choices starting today?

  • Support healthy, whole food choices!
    Fill half your plate with vegetables and fruit. Teach kids that eating a piece of fruit or cut up vegetables is a much better choice than reaching for juice.

  • doodle image of girlBe a role model by choosing water yourself!
    When parents and caregivers make healthy drink choices like water, kids are more likely to choose water too. Schools and sports teams can be great role models too by always making water available.

  • Make time for regular family meals.
    Research shows that more family dinners together often means a lower intake of soft drinks, sugar-sweetened beverages and sweets and may mean your child will eat more vegetables.

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Last Updated: September 1, 2016
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