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Food Premise Inspection

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Public Health Inspectors in St. Thomas and Elgin County routinely visit food premises to conduct routine inspections and re-inspections.  Food premises are any premise where food or milk is manufactured, processed, prepared, stored, handled, displayed, distributed, transported, sold or offered for sale.

Public Health Inspectors look to see if the premise is following the Ontario Food Premise Regulations and if there are any immediate risks to the safety of the food being provided to the public.

Public Health Inspectors do a risk assessment for every food premise in St. Thomas and Elgin County every year.  Risk assessments look at:

  • The types of food sold
  • How the food is prepared
  • Equipment used
  • Food safety management programs in place
  • Food safety knowledge of staff
  • Types of patrons (e.g. hospital, restaurant, daycare)
  • Past and current compliance records of the food premise

The risk assessment score that a premise receives determines if the establishment is high, medium or low risk.  The number of routine inspections a premise received each year is based on this risk rating. A high risk restaurant will be inspected once every four months, a medium risk restaurant will be inspected once every six months and a low risk restaurant will be inspected once every 12 months. 

If a food premise is assessed to be an immediate health risk it is closed and will not reopen until public health standards are met.

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