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Falls Prevention

 Gift a Grab Bar

Falls are NOT a normal part of aging. There are many steps that individuals can take to reduce their risk in order to continue to live actively and independently.

12 Tips To Stay On Your Feet (Placemat)

Exercises at the Kitchen SinkExercises at the Kitchen Sink Booklet

Furniture Height

Is Your Cane the Correct Height?

Move to Keep Moving

Winter Safety

You Can Prevent Falls 

Resources can be ordered and picked up by calling 519-631-9900.

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Safe Communities – St. Thomas Elgin
The partners of Safe Communities shares one goal: to reduce or eliminate unnecessary injuries and deaths. Recent statistics suggest there are 40 or more preventable deaths in Elgin County each year plus thousands of unnecessary and preventable injuries. Road safety, workplace safety, safety in homes and on farms, and safety for children, families and the elderly are prime concerns for us.

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